My Home  Office Motivator

My Home Office Motivator

  • Designing Aesthetic And Investment Value Into Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

    Ask real estate agents what makes a house sell, and they will likely answer that it is the kitchen. Because the kitchen is a major selling point for home buyers, investments in kitchen upgrades can increase a home's resale value.  If you had to choose one kitchen upgrade, traditional kitchen cabinets can hold their value like a fine piece of antique furniture.  Solid Kitchen Cabinet Investments  Replacing cabinets and countertops is likely the biggest investment you'll make in your kitchen.

  • Are You Considering A Walk-In Tub For A Senior Loved One? 4 Safety Features That Go Beyond The Low Step

    Senior-proofing your loved one's bathroom involves eliminating risks to their safety that could happen when they are doing something as mundane as bathing. While you already likely know about how helpful it is to eliminate unnecessary steps that could cause your loved one to lose their balance and fall, you may not be aware of just how many safety features are packed into a single walk-in tub. As you consider your options for using one to improve your loved one's quality of life, be sure to think about these safety features that go beyond just eliminating slip-and-fall accidents.

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My Home  Office Motivator

When I got married a few years ago, I moved into my husband’s home. The sparse home office included a large wooden desk and a tiny wooden rigid chair. After a few months of working at my computer while sitting in this chair, I was miserable. I visited an office supply store and purchased a sleek leather massage chair. Now, this comfortable chair is all the motivation I need to start working at my computer each morning. I can type while receiving a luxurious massage from my office chair. On this blog, you will learn how to shop for a comfortable office chair you will not want to get out of.